Travel Note- Tokyo, San Francisco

So here I am. On the road again. This time I am going to be a groomsman of my friend whom I have known since I was a baby.

Something about this 'Travel Note'

I am never really good at writing stuffs, but maybe since I am travelling and I don't have any big plans, I might as well just write something random to make myself feel like I am doing something. In fact, I hate writing, and I have no idea where this travel note thing is going to last, nor what I will write about. Some people say if you write it down or take a photo of it, you will remember it better.

I tend to see things differently.

A month or so ago, I was alone in the subway of Taipei, and I saw a good looking girl. I wanted to say hi to her and ask her where she is going etc. But being the nervous me as I usually am, I didn't do anything, and I just took a photo of her secretly with my iPhone. Of course the photo is there, and I can look at it whenever I wanted to, but I found myself not remembering her at all, and all I have left is how I felt when I was trying to take that photo.

Photography isn't a good medium of memory. That's what I always believe.

Miss Tokyo

Because of the flight, I stayed in Tokyo for a few hours before I transit to San Francisco. Tokyo has always been an interesting place to me. I spent a few good months there, been through many good times as well as terrible times. It's funny how I am at the Tokyo Airport again, but not being able to walk around and being nostalgic. So close. 

Anyway, again, I have no idea where this travel note is heading, maybe this will be the only note I write. Who knows.