Random Note- Girl with green dress

Today I bumped into someone whom I haven't seen for four years. 

We didn't say hi or anything. I can tell she was trying to run away from me, and I felt terribly sorry for what I have done ages ago.

It's weird. Always bumping into people when it's least expected. 

I urged myself not to forget the dress that she was wearing...but at the end, no matter how I tried, I failed to remember nor replicate the green colour of her dress. 

Guess what they say is true...something/some people are just meant to be disappeared. So I murmured 'so long', quietly in my mind.

her dress

her dress

Shoot Note- Friends of Zita's

I've known Zita when I was studying in HKU, we stayed in the same hall and she was a junior of mine. We still keep in touch now and then but not often at all, so when I got a call from her for a photoshoot, it came to be as a bit of a surprise.

Turns out that Zita and a group of her friends since middle school are finally in town at the same time after many years, and to mark this event, they wanted to do a photoshoot together to celebrate their long friendship together. 

As I was planning the photoshoot with Zita, I wanted to show how much her and her friends have now turned from a young girl to a woman; and also doing a fun/group shot is a must. We both liked the idea, so all we have to do is to wait until the day of the shooting.

Me and Zita  Obviously someone is not giving me a shit

Me and Zita
Obviously someone is not giving me a shit

I must admit the individual portrait was a bit difficult to photograph because they are not professional models, and therefore takes longer for them to get warmed up and get into the mood of being photographed. So in order to light up the mood, I asked the girls to come over to see their friends get photographed and let me tease each other for a while. And we ended up having some good pictures.

Group Picture

Group Picture