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Random Note- Girl with green dress

Today I bumped into someone whom I haven't seen for four years. 

We didn't say hi or anything. I can tell she was trying to run away from me, and I felt terribly sorry for what I have done ages ago.

It's weird. Always bumping into people when it's least expected. 

I urged myself not to forget the dress that she was wearing...but at the end, no matter how I tried, I failed to remember nor replicate the green colour of her dress. 

Guess what they say is true...something/some people are just meant to be disappeared. So I murmured 'so long', quietly in my mind.

her dress

her dress

Shoot Note- The Boogie Playboys at Alex To MVP Concert

Took me a while to realised that I haven't got a chance to shoot with the Boogie Playboys while they are on show since the amazing tour in Taiwan, and I was a bit worried about how this project will turn out to be since my photos of them so far are mainly while they are recording/rehearsing. 

And on the 27th and 28th of May, they featured in Alex To (杜德偉) My Virtual Planet Tour Part II in Hong Kong Coliseum, the most famous stage in Hong Kong. Barry asked me if I would like to go to the backstage and take some photos of them a week or two before the concert, and I said yes without a second thought! I actually don't go to big gigs often, so it's exciting for me to get this close to such big production. 

Alex To Concert Me and the Backstage Pass!

Alex To Concert
Me and the Backstage Pass!

Group Photo The Boogie Playboys and friends

Group Photo
The Boogie Playboys and friends

Before the shoot I had no idea what it would be like to be in the backstage of a concert where there are many celebrities at the venue, but I know the space will be tight at the backstage, so I used a lot of wide angle to get myself real close with my subjects and get some dramatic shots. I also borrowed a Contax T2 from my friend Wilfred with some Tri-X 400 to get some film photography going, it's a fantastic point and shoot camera with good focusing and a great lens, and I managed to get some interesting shots with that at the backstage.

Contax T2  This little camera is such a beast! Great Point and Shoot camera! Thanks Wilfred for letting me use it!

Contax T2
This little camera is such a beast! Great Point and Shoot camera! Thanks Wilfred for letting me use it!

Bluesman and Barry r elaxing before getting on stage

Bluesman and Barry relaxing before getting on stage

Despite the fact that I couldn't make it to the final rehearsal, I managed to get there 2 hours before they get onto stage. One of the key element of following The Boogie Playboys in my long term project, is to get more behind the scene shots when they are not on stage. I started photographing them since mid 2014, and from then on I got closer to them and we slowly built a trust between ourselves as artists. Therefore I am able to get close to them and photograph them from beginning to end. I love the part when they do their hair and put on their suits for their show, to me these moments are far more interesting than their photos on stage. It shows their characters and who they are off stage.

Bluesman, Barry, Anita, Dirty Pretty

Bluesman, Barry, Anita, Dirty Pretty

We spent a lot of time waiting and looking at the live feed at the backstage and about 2/3 of the show, the stage manager called them to get ready to go on stage. All dressed up and prepared, Bluesman, Felix and Barry walked to underneath the stage and ready to get raise. Facing thousands of cheering audience, I can see both Bluesman and Felix got more focused and intense even they are still joking around. This is the side of them that I have never seen before, and this is exactly what I wanted to capture in this project.

The Boogie Playboys Taken minutes before they got on stage.

The Boogie PlayboysTaken minutes before they got on stage.

The Boogie Playboys about to go on stage I could feel the focus and the intensity of Felix as he was about to go on stage

The Boogie Playboys about to go on stageI could feel the focus and the intensity of Felix as he was about to go on stage

Here are some photos of the performance! Even though they were only on for a song, but it was definitely a moment to remember! 

After the show everyone was celebrating and chilling once again, but you can see that they are even more relaxed. 

Looking forward to the next show. As always. No one knows when will be the next time they get to perform in such big stage, but I like how The Boogie Playboys keep their style no matter where they are! Keep it up TBP!

Mr and Mrs Bluesman They are getting married this year! BIG CONGRATS!

Mr and Mrs BluesmanThey are getting married this year! BIG CONGRATS!

Shoot Note- Then You Suffer (27th Feb, 2015)

As you know, I have been working on a long time project on my friend's Rockabilly Band 'The Boogie Playboys', and in addition to that, I also listen to another band formed by the some members of the TBP- Then You Suffer. Although this is not my first time photographing their performance, but lately I got more into Blues, and only recently I only the story between Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Pattie Boyd. I guess maybe lately I'm in some sort of depressing state of mind...so such music and such energy caught me and touches my soul. 

Then You Suffer

Then You Suffer

The gig took place in a live house in Wanchai called 'The Wanch', and it's my third or fourth time there. The place is quite small for photographing, and the places you can stand and get a clear picture is very limited. I remember the first time I went there, I had a 85mm Lens and I was shooting with Tri-X 400 (Push to 3200), and it was almost impossible to get anything great. So from that day on, I use 50mm focal length to photograph in The Wanch, because other than taking photos of the performers, it's also important to include the venue of the gig, so that it's not only a portrait, but a documentary of the fact that 'they played there'.

Me shooting Then You Suffer

Me shooting Then You Suffer

Shoot Note- Friends of Zita's

I've known Zita when I was studying in HKU, we stayed in the same hall and she was a junior of mine. We still keep in touch now and then but not often at all, so when I got a call from her for a photoshoot, it came to be as a bit of a surprise.

Turns out that Zita and a group of her friends since middle school are finally in town at the same time after many years, and to mark this event, they wanted to do a photoshoot together to celebrate their long friendship together. 

As I was planning the photoshoot with Zita, I wanted to show how much her and her friends have now turned from a young girl to a woman; and also doing a fun/group shot is a must. We both liked the idea, so all we have to do is to wait until the day of the shooting.

Me and Zita  Obviously someone is not giving me a shit

Me and Zita
Obviously someone is not giving me a shit

I must admit the individual portrait was a bit difficult to photograph because they are not professional models, and therefore takes longer for them to get warmed up and get into the mood of being photographed. So in order to light up the mood, I asked the girls to come over to see their friends get photographed and let me tease each other for a while. And we ended up having some good pictures.

Group Picture

Group Picture